Davalor Salud Games

Davalor Salud is designing and developing EVA (Eye and Vision Analyzer) to, trough videogames, detect the user’s vision problems and, if necessary, assign a therapy to improve the user’s vision.


  • Working with custom C++ engine and LUA scripting language.
  • Developing tools with C++ and C#.
  • VR games with interaction with the user’s eyesight.

As the Lead Programmer of the Exploration Videogames I have been the responsible of the complete development of the Exploration Videogames:

  • Pre-production:
    • Help to decide a short story and interactive sequences to give the user a great experience during the exploration.
    • Help to adapt the story to be integrated with the different optometric tests following the restrictions given to the tests (sizes, velocities, movements, positions, etc).
  • Production:
    • Develop and integrate the different optometric tests in the story.
    • Develop interactive sequences to maintain an interesting story for the user.
    • Design and develop of the different systems necessaries to make the game look like the game designers and artist really want.
    • Detect and solve the problems during the integration of the tests in the story.
  • Post-production:
    • Detect bugs during the test and interactive sequences and solve them.
    • Decide and implement the different explanations of the tests to make the users understand the mechanics in an easy and fast way.
    • Polish details like movements, effects, particles to give a great experience.

Other responsibilities:

  • Analyze, organize, assign and develop the project requirements.
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team (optometrists, artists, designers, optical physicists, …) to design prototypes and tests to improve the measures taken by the videogames.
  • Prepare and check the deployment of the Exploration videogames.
  • Design and develop tools and systems to improve the development velocity and quality of the videogames.

Here are some of the games I have been working at:



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