Mega Vaporizer Apocalypse Exterminator

This game has been developed during Global Game Jam 2017, where the participants have 48 hours to develop a game with a given theme.

This year event theme was waves so I droped the idea of doing a local multiplayer 2D shooter where all the other players are invisible and you can only expose and damage them using explosion waves. But there is something more, by shooting you reveal your position to the other players, since it generates a little wave they can see on their screen.

We decided to use Unity 5.4 and the language C# to develop the game.

Since the game was going to be a LAN multiplayer and it would be a challenge to finish it in 48 hours we decided to keep the mechanics simple and avoid over-scoping.

We started creating a basic level design and adding the main mechanics. Once we were happy with the result we started adding art and the networking.

After this test we were able to detect bugs and polish it. I really want to thanks all the participants of the jam for helping us to test the game.

The result is in the first video of this post. You can download the source if you are brave enough to read it (it’s done in 48 hours….) and the linux and windows client at the Mega Vaporizer Apocalypse Exterminator page.

Remember this is a LAN game so in order to play it there must be at least other player in your network!!


  • Ismael Serrano
  • Miguel Garde


  • Jon Garay


  • David KBD
  • Jon Huarte

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