Future World

Future World is an open world platformer game where the objective is to collect items from an ancient civilization.

Future World was developed in 3 days during the Euskal Encounter 21.

This was hard work because of the fatigue acumulated by the lack of sleep.

The game and engine were developed from scratch in C++.

Game Requeriments:

  • Any ATI or Nvidia graphic card compatible with OpenGL 3.0
  • 26.4 MB of HD

Download the game!


  • Ismael Serrano [Programmer]
  • Eder Beldad [Programmer]
  • Pere Casafont [Programmer]
  • Asier Sanchez [Programmer]
  • Sendoa Bergasa [Artist]
  • Edurado García [Artist]
  • David Martin Gau [Artist]
  • Xavier Sevillano [Artist]
  • Julen Urrutia [Artist]
  • Xabier Urrutia [Artist]

Special Thanks:

  • Steven Longden
  • Ander Amo
  • Maick Feijoo



  1. Gran trabajo en equipo en pocos megas, enhorabuena.

    ¿Habeís mirado el desarrollo mediante plataforma cocoon? http://www.ludei.com/tech/cocoon (supongo que ya lo conociaís, siendo Ideateca / Ludei de Bilbao)


  2. Good work guys! As always

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