Ballout, being made by “Incomple Games” junior team of Digipen is a 3D racing game where the player is a pool ball and has to defeat the other balls.

Incomple Games

My work:

Dynamic AI system.


  • Pere Casafont [Producer/Graphics programmer]
  • Eder Beldad [Technical director/Tools] [Visit Blog]
  • Ismael Serrano [Artificial intelligence]
  • Asier Sanchez [Game Designer/Physics]
  • Jaime Uriarte [Gameplay programmer]
  • Amagoia Agirre [Artist]
  • Josu Martin [Artist]
  • Jonatan Arnaiz [Artist]
  • David Gau  [Artist]
  • Xabier Urrutia [Artist]
  • Julen Urrutia [Artist]
  • Meritxell Aznar [Artist]

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