Paperplane was the very first project during my Freshmen year in Digipen Institue of Technology.

2D 3rd-person arcade/simulation flight game with 3D effect.

Development time:

3 months.

Technology used:

For this game ProjectFUN Editor was used, an IDE developed by DigiPen Institute of Technology to develop 2D games.

Objective of the game:

My objective for this project was to create a 3D effect in a 2D game. For this I created 4 main features to achieve my objective:

  1. Environment movement: It’s moving a fixed amount of pixel depending on the Paperplane inclination.paperplane1
  2. Environment and enemies resizing: The scale is completely based on the Y pixel position of the object.paperplane2
  3. Shot enemies: Have the capacity of shot the enemies.paperplane3
  4. Destroy enemies: Be able to destroy enemies and get rewards from them.paperplane4

My work:

Since this was an individual project I did all the develop part.


I did not had a lot of knowledge about perspective nor orthogonal projections from 3D to 2D, for that reasons the game doesn’t seems completely in 3D.

What I learned:

The imagination is the best tool to solve problems, even if is not the perfect solution.


  • Developer: Ismael Serrano
  • Artist: Joana Konarsky
  • Artist: Xabier Urrutia
  • Artist: Julen Urrutia

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