N-Cycle was developed by Theta Team during the Freshmen year.

 2D platform game with a Sci-fi environment and puzzles elements.


Development time:

4 months.

Technology used:

This was the first time to create an engine in C that manages all the necessary systems for a platform game on ASCII console.

Objective of the game:

The original idea was to create a game that “never ends”, giving the player the possibility to the player to play it again using the tools picked during the previous playgame.

My work:

Sound system using FMOD, AI system and part of the editor.


Since it was our first game we had some problems to decide the architecture of the game.

Also the lack of a clear finished product was one of the problems to finish the 100% of the game.

For this problems the game finished being a “one play” platform game instead of the “never ends” one we had on scope.

What I learned:

I learned that the communication with the team is one of the most important parts in a game project.

Gameplay video:


  • Ismael Serrano [Producer]
  • Jaime Uriarte [Game Designer]
  • Eder Beldad [Technical Director] [Visit Blog]
  • Asier Sanchez [Product Manager]

Special thanks:

  • Joana Konarsky
  • Pere Casafont

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