Through The Night

Developed by Secant Squared team during the Sophomore year.

2D top down survival game. Rescue as many people as possible  with the help of a light canon and fluorescent lights, taking care of not of not running out of battery and  beware of the dark enemies.


Development time:

6 weeks.

Technology used:

All the game was developed completely in C++. External sources: DirectX 11. Taking advantage of Ana’s Nightmare core.

Objective of the game:

After cancel Ana’s Nightmare we decided to take advantage of what we tough was the main mechanic of the game, the light. We created a game with a simple mechanic that would be expanded if we got more time (we were near the end of the year). Was really simple mechanic, enemies are in the darkness, as long as you’re in a light spot you will be safe.

My work:

Most of the time I was working on gameplay, but in that time I also worked on AI and an event system.


The principal problem was the time, we only had 6 weeks to develop the game. Also adapt the core to the new game, modifying source that was not developed by me and adapting it to the necessities of the new game was a little hard for the lack of comments in some parts of the source.

What I learned:

Work hard and you will be rewarded.

Kept it simple.

Never is too late to change your mind.


  • Ismael Serrano [Technical Director]
  • Jaime Uriarte [Producer]
  • Xabi Urrutia [Artist]
  • Julen Urrutia [Artist]

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