Ana’s Nightmare

Developed by the team Secant Squared during the Sophomore year.

Top-down 2D misterious-disturbing adventure game with a certain survival horror mood.

Ana's Nightmare [Secant Squared]

Development time:

6 months.

Technology used:

All the game was developed completely in C++. External sources: DirectX 11.

Story of the game:

Darkness has fallen all over Europe and people are going through hard times. Ana lost her father a long time ago, when these rich people took her mother away to work as a modist in Paris.

That day Ana met Lucia, the firefly, for the first time. Since Ana was a very shy little girl, Lucia soon ended up been Ana’s only friend.

One night, when Ana were sleeping, Lucia woke her up…
-“Ana! You have to wake up!  Can’t you feel it? Kids don’t laugh any more. You have to run away!”

My work:

Light effects (shaders), sound system, AI system and terrain manager.


There were a lot of problems during the development of this game.

The use of DX11 and the lack of documentation about that technology and the fact that was the first time I worked with shaders was my principal problem where I got stuck more time than the assigned to that work.

Other problem was the communication in the team, everyone was doing things without knowing what was that for. That caused the slow development of the game and a lot of confusion in the team.

And the final problem that caused the project to be cancelled near the end of the year was that two of the four developers left the university, one of them was the Game Designer who had the principal idea of how the game had to be in the end. For that reason the team decided to drop the project and develop a new one with the existent technology.

What I learned:

All the team must have a chance to give ideas.

If you are going to use a new technology, be sure to have all the tools and documentation to develop with it.

Gameplay video:


  • Aitor Beltrán de Guevara [Product Manager]
  • Txabi López Saralegui [Game Designer]
  • Ismael Serrano [Technical Director]
  • Jaime Uriarte [Producer]
  • David Gau [Artist]
  • Julen Urrutia [Artist]
  • Xabi Urrutia [Artist]

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